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Video Introduction to Conflict Minerals tool SICMAP℠ Released

As previously announced, The Elm Consulting Group International LLC today released its Self-Implemented Conflict Minerals Audit Preparation© (SICMAP℠) for commercial availability. As part of the product release, a short introductory video provides an overview of the tool, its features and functionality. We are in the process of uploading a true …

Elm Launches Groundbreaking Low Cost Conflict Minerals Audit Preparation Tool

Updated March 2012:  See our most recent announcement. The Elm Consulting Group International LLC today announces a groundbreaking cost effective tool to support companies preparing for conflict minerals traceability audits or customer inquiries. The delay in SEC’s final rule triggered many questions from companies about planning and pre-audit preparation.  This …

Wikipedia on “Conflict Minerals” Updated, Expanded

The wikipedia entry on conflict minerals has been substantially edited to reflect recent events, add definitions and provide details on the substantive provisions of the auditing and disclosure requirements of the law.