The Elm Consulting Group International works with our clients to design an HSE audit program, or retool and invigorate an existing program to reflect client philosophies, existing standards or integrate/coordinate programs with other audit functions. We address the six key elements of a successful audit program to ensure that a comprehensive program is developed, including:

  • Objectives
  • Scope
  • Organization
  • Resources
  • Approach
  • Coverage

As we develop HSE audit programs, we provide guidance for clients to define:

  • The overall context for the program – are the key factors for success in place?
  • The program design with respect to standard industry practices and client goals.
  • The effectiveness of program implementation, as measured against program design elements and key corporate objectives for the program.
  • The sustainability of the program over time

In addition, we support the development of key program management tools, including audit program manuals, auditor training, reporting procedures, corrective action plans and finding tracking databases.

Given the international attention to HSE auditing and the potential value companies derive from internal audit programs, our clients routinely seek the assistance of the Elm team to conduct a third-party assessment of its HSE auditing function to determine the adequacy of its current approach with respect to best practices.