Conflict Minerals Filings: Need a Last Minute Quick Third Party Review?

We expect everyone who needs to know is painfully aware that the filing deadline for SEC’s Conflict Minerals Form SD and CMR is only seven calendar days (but five business days) away.

While most companies have likely finished their internal reviews and final approvals of the filings – and are simply awaiting the official filing date – some are still completing last minute preparations.  Based on most of the early filings and some others we have seen, we recommend that issuers have a quick third party review completed before the documents are submitted to the SEC.

We have completed many reviews of SDs and CMRs for companies ranging from Fortune 50 to $120 million annual revenues and have a process and reference template for comparison.  As a result, we can very quickly provide comments and recommendations even with same-day turnaround.  Some firms are charging a minimum of $5000 for such a review.  Because of our experience, existing reference template and efficiency we can complete the task at a cost that can be 50% – 80% lower than others.

Give us a call or send an email to get started.  But don’t delay – time is running out.



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