Life and Death – A Letter from the DRC

“Buying minerals from the DRC amounts to saving human lives.”

That is a quote from a letter issued by the CDMC (The Congo Artisanal Mining Cooperative) and FECOMIMA (Maniema Mining Cooperatives Federation), available on ITRI’s website.  The letter seeks to communicate the strides made in recent years by artisanal miners in the DRC, in hopes of increasing confidence in DRC sourced 3TG – and increasing demand for the materials.

The writers provide their view that a “de facto embargo on minerals from the DRC” exists, that is having “a negative impact on the lives of the diggers and their families.”

But there is good news as well:  “The traceability of our minerals has had an immediate effect. The community of diggers and populations living in the mining areas have experienced a renewal of hope in the face of the improvements observed.”


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