CMCheckPoint(sm), the Conflict Minerals Self Assessment Tool, Updated with New Feature

Elm’s CMCheckPoint(sm) tool has been updated to Version 2.1 and is now available.

The updates include:

  • Available versions that work in Excel 2011, Excel 2010 and Excel 2007/2008.  Due to limitations in Excel 2007/2008, that version has certain reduced functionality.
  • A new Document Status Tracking feature that automatically consolidates the completion status and notations for key conflict minerals program documents into a standalone worksheet, allowing the user to easily see and track of relevant documentation.
  • Improved navigation and user instructions.
  • Automated linkages for overlapping questions.  In some cases, certain questions/issues may be present in more than one topic/area as they relate to multiple program elements.  Users now need only address the first occurrence, which then automatically populates the second occurrence.  The second occurrence remains fully editable on a standalone basis to allow the user to reflect any comments that may be specific to the second occurrence.
  • High definition rendering of the SEC flowchart from MetalMiner.
  • Text edits and updates reflecting recent information, insights and clarifications.

Click here to download CMCheckPoint(sm) Version 2.1 from MetalMiner’s download page.

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