Video Demo Released of CMCheckPoint Conflict Minerals Assessment Tool

The 6-minute video demo and brief tutorial of Elm’s CMCheckPoint(sm) is now available, giving an overview of this groundbreaking conflict minerals program/strategy gap analysis tool.

You may view the video on either

In addition to the video, more information and screenshots are available here.

Recent articles and studies have shown that many companies are lagging in the conflict minerals program development efforts and are aggressively seeking low cost compliance approaches.

CMCheckPoint(sm) is unique in that it supports internally-resourced conflict minerals program assessments to be conducted by leveraging third party expertise without the third party cost.  CMCheckPoint(sm) may be able to save companies between 75% – 95% of the cost of having similar program compliance/strategy gap assessment work done by outside consultants.

After viewing the demo, click here to order and download immediately or to learn more.

We think spending 6 minutes to save 75% on consultant costs is a far better return than even 15 minutes for 15% on car insurance.

But then again, we can’t boast a talking lizard spokesman.  Er, spokesreptile.

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